U of L Ballet Dress Code

Ballet Girls: All girls are required to wear a ballet bodysuit (colour is optional) pink ballet tights, and pink leather or canvas ballet slippers.

Optional - a ballet skirt of any style or colour, or dance shorts.

Ballet sweaters and leg warmers are welcome, but T-shirts or tank tops may not be worn over the bodysuit as it obstructs the teachers ability to correct the students technique.

Hair: All students age 7 and up must have their hair secured back from their face. All students age 10 and up must have their hair done in a ballet bun. If hair is too short to put in a bun, please wear a headband or have it pinned back from your face.

Ballet Boys: Black shorts or leggings, a well fitted white T-shirt and white or black ballet shoes.

U of L Acro Dress Code

Girls Option A: Convertible or footless tan or pink dance tights with a bodysuit and snug fitting dance shorts.

Girls Option B: Leggings or dance shorts and a snug fitting tank top. Please ensure the tank top is tight fitting and does not fall up over the students face when they are upside- down.

Hair: Must be secured in a low bun, ponytail or French braids.

Boys: Well-fitting gym shorts and a T-shirt.

Bare feet is required for both girls and boys.

No loose or baggy clothing is permitted as it can make the learning of Acro dance dangerous.

All ballet and Acro Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle into class with them.



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