Suzuki Violin

Saturdays bi-weekly (Book 2 [9:15-10am], Pretwinkle [10-10:30am], Book 1 [10:30-11:15am], Book 3/4 [11:15-12:00pm] at Casa / Fees: $99 per semester. Being part of the Suzuki School includes a combination of private violin lessons and bi-weekly fun group activities. Through both activities, your child will learn to play the violin, develop strong listening and memory skills, excellent practice habits and learn to work with others. This program includes two fees: private one-on-one lessons (additional to this fee), arranged at a mutually convenient lesson time, and this group fees ($99). As part of the group fee, students can also participate in 2 semester-end concerts per year. Both fees are a mandatory part of the Suzuki school. Do not register for these group classes unless you have a private violin instructor and have arranged a private lesson time. Contact us for more information ( For more information about the Suzuki method, visit the international Suzuki Association website or contact the conservatory at