Sinfonia Allegro Orchestra

Mondays 4:00-5:30pm at Casa / Fees: $325 per year. Sinfonia Allegro is an advanced orchestra of intensive instruction in all aspects of professional orchestral study and performance. These students foster the skills introduced in the Stringendo Orchestra: self discipline, rhythm and aural skills while developing a new level of understanding of musical analysis and problem solving within a framework of teamwork and leadership. These abilities will not only have a positive impact on their solo and ensemble playing but in all aspects of their life. Musicians in Sinfonia Allegro are dedicated students, who wish to improve globally as a musician, who work to better their technique on their instrument and who might like to eventually join the Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra. In this orchestra, musicians should be at a RCM grade 4 or higher playing level and be studying their instrument privately. Prior orchestral experience is recommended, but not mandatory. Students will be required to work on orchestral music at home, and are expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts. New students should contact the music director Lise Boutin prior to registration.